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Ganar la guerra para conquistar la paz US 17,oo

Win the war to conquer peace. Synthesis of Colombian military thought, in front of the deceits and tricks of Psychological Warfare and Propaganda, performed by Farc, Eln, and Epl communist guerrillas. By its content and analytical depth, this book was enhanced in 1993 by Chilean, Paraguayan and Spanish armies’ commanders.

El eln por dentro US 18,oo

The Eln inside. Historical and analytical study, about the birth, growing and evolution of the so-called, National Liberation Army (eln), guerrilla front Carlos Alirio Buitrago, at the southeast of Antioquia Department, as a result of a systematic brain-washing work inside peasant communities, performed by Catholic priest and terrorist, Bernardo López Arroyave, who created this band, by means of pretended young religious groups, based on the Theology of the Liberation. This book is a crude testimony of first hand, about many truths hidden inside the closed terrorist organization.

El cartel de las Farc US 18,oo

The Farc Cartel. This work demonstrates with solid proofs, Farc communist guerrillas’ conversion, into the third and most dangerous drugs cartel in Colombia. With prologue written by General Harold Bedoya Pizarro, right then the Army Commander, this book was recognized by United States State Department, as a complete testimony about that conexion. It was translated to English version with the title The Farc Cartel.

La Selva Roja US 18,oo
The Red Jungle, with prologue written by notorious Colombian writer Plinio Apuleyo Mendoza. This book analyzes historical and actualized process, of the unhideable marriage between Colombian Communist Party and Farc guerrillas, furthermore concrete biographical path of Pedro Antonio Marín a. Manuel Marulanda or Tirofijo (shureshot), main chief of the terrorist organization. This is the most complete and concrete text written in Colombia about the Farc’s political, financial and armed evolution. By its content, La Selva Roja is a sort of contemporary Colombian history book.

Drama, Pesadilla y Espectáculo US 18,oo
Drama, Nightmare and Show, relates the terrorist assault committed by el bloque sur de las Farc, on Las Delicias military outpost, on August 31st in the jungle of Putumayo. There 30 soldiers died, and 60 were kidnapping during nine months. Liberation was soundest, as a direct outcome of President Samper’s weakness, precisely in the top of the critic stage of national governor more questioned during the second half 20th century in Colombia.

Deyanira, canto de guerra y paz US 15,oo

Deyanira, Song of War and Peace, is as astonishing history that describes the objective reality of the named Rural Colombia, punished by narcotraffic, guerrillas and common criminals, based in real experiences lived by a young peasant woman, whose destine, unfortunately is the constant of many people of her social level in Latin America. Deyanira was born amidst all the difficulties connected with insider war. She suffered all the vicissitudes closed to the phenomenon, but despite that, she went ahead. Right now she is sociologist. In conclusion, her history is an extraordinary example of personal self-improvement.

¿Cesó la horrible noche? US 15,oo

Did end the horrible night?, is raise-hiring testimony of a Colombian Army’s ex-member, survivor from a massacre committed by Farc´s Fifth Front in the convulsive zone of Uraba. After nine months of been kidnapped, the young was released thanks to a dark maneuver, ideated by some European citizens who said him, belonged to International Red Cross. At the same time it is a structured complain, with the purpose that the reader knows and determines the level of the atrocities, committed by the guerrillas, specially predisposed to claim Human Rights respect of the government.

Cóndor en el Aire US 18,oo

Semblance of the famous military Operación Anorí, that ended with the dead of the brothers Manuel and Antonio Vásquez Castaño founders of the Eln, situation that got the terrorist group close to the edge of its extinction, debt to the fierce pressure of the Colombian Army. That historical conjuncture was wasted, as a result of personal politics ambitions and the absence of integral strategy for the government headed by Alfonso Lopez Michelsen, despite the evident incidence of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro in the Colombian guerrilla’s life. This book is a sort of strong critic to who had leaded politic power in Colombia, because they have not wished wage the war using war strategies.

La Silla Vacía US 20,oo

Strategically analysis for the failure peace process, between President Andrés Pastrana’s Colombian government and the Farc. Winner of the Latino Literary Awards 2003, as the best history book, La Silla Vacía, has been taken as text for study Colombian situation for some universities inside and outside this country.

En el Infierno US 19,oo

In hell is a hair-raisng testimony of an ancient Colombian guerrilla fighter, who enrolled Farc guerrillas at early age of 12. Since then, during 13 years, he was acting as killer, kidnapper, raper, lier, and terrorist. The book describes insider lives of the Farc bosses, and all the terrorific Marxist-leninist system imposed to guerrilla members if they want to survive. Right now the book is being processed by an important film house in Los Angeles California, to be a movie.

Martes de horror US 23,95

Astonishing description of 9/11 William Rodriguez actions, inside the Twin Towers, saving more than 1.000 lives, with the help of a master key. It was the first book written in Spanish language about a non-sajon hero, and also the first one that describes the drama of disoriented Hispanic victims. Martes de Horror is destined to be a best seller, and a universal referential history book.

Narcoterrorismo la guerra del nuevo siglo U$ 20.00
Published in Spain, it is a detailed analysis about the dark links, among narcotraffic, illegal weapons traffic and money laundering to articulate a fatal triangle, which actually constitutes main political problem for Colombia, Spain, United States and Israel. Furthermore, discovered the growing links among international terrorist groups, like Farc, Eta, Ira and Al Qaeda, have built clandestine networks by means of Russian Mafia, and drug traffickers.

Conexión Al Qaeda US 20,oo
Al Qaeda´s Network, describes the evolutive proccess of integral growing of Al Qaeda, since extremist theories of Islamic fundamentalism to eventual nuclear terrorism. Text is a deep analyzes of all terrorists groups, geopolitical projections, and the incidence of Latin America in coming terrorist actions against Western Civilization, basic objective of Al Qaeda´s leaders.
El Delirio del Libertador US 24.95

General Simón Bolívar´s biography. Product of a rigorous and detailed investigation, the book describes the extraordinary moments lived by him. As historic hero, General Bolivar built the nets of the democracy and independence in six nations. His name, glory, and his work, grow as the shadows do when the sun declines.

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